So You’re Looking for a Snack? Here’s How to Pick a Healthy One.

Not all snacks are created equal. I think you know that, but what you might not know, is EVEN the ones that are marketed as healthy, often aren’t. Some snacks that are advertises as “a healthy, high protein snack” include a whopping 22 grams of sugar, which is shockingly the equivalent of a chocolate bar. Not so healthy, after all.

Why Should You Care?

Simply put, the snacks that have a poor protein to sugar ratio can send your blood sugar on a roller coaster. Here are some illustrations. In a perfect world, you consume a healthy snack or meal that raises your blood sugar slightly, which signals your pancreas to release some insulin. This helps bring the blood sugar into your cells for energy.

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The opposite occurs when you consume something that is high in refined carbohydrates, particularly sugar. The food gives you an initial boost of energy, but due to the excess sugar, excess insulin is released which leads to a blood sugar drop below normal levels. This blood sugar drop results in fatigue and cravings, and not to mention mood swings. All of a sudden you are one unhappy person.

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How To Choose a Healthy Snack

If you do one good thing for yourself, learn how to read labels on every food item. Look at the sugar to protein ratio, and look for something that is low in sugar (5g or less per serving). Then, look for something that has protein in it as well. That can come from protein powder, or vegetarian sources of food with protein, like quinoa, nuts and seeds.

I always recommend Inner J Bars to my clients because they perfectly fit the profile!

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