Chocolate Quinoa Coconut Bars

Chocolate Quinoa Coconut Inner J Bar

Raw Natural Energy Bars

Chocolate Quinoa Coconut

Box of 12 bars | 53g ea.

$41.99 CAD

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Escape to the tropics with this light, crunchy, chocolate bar.

Chocolate Quinoa Coconut is made with healthy organic fruits and enriched with raw heirloom organic cacao, organic sprouted quinoa, and organic coconut.

Ingredients*: Complete protein blend (pea, organic brown rice), organic prunes, organic coconut nectar, fiber from tapioca starch, organic apricots, organic sunflower seeds, organic cacao, organic virgin coconut oil, organic coconut, organic pumpkin seeds, organic vanilla extract, non-dairy semi-sweet chocolate chips (evaporated cane juice, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor), organic sprouted quinoa, organic cinnamon, sea salt.
* indicates it is Non-GMO and Cold Processed

Inner J - Chocolate Quinoa Coconut Nutrition Label