Nourish your body with a truly clean and healthy snack!

Inner J bars were created with the goal to keep you nourished and energized throughout the day with natural and raw ingredients that your body can easily digest. We're about nourishing you with wholesome goodness, things that your body loves and we love too! We want you to feel great as you savour every nourishing piece of chewy goodness. Inner J has a suitable taste for everyone - from chocolate, to lemon to goji berries and quinoa, Inner J bars are made with only the finest organic and raw ingredients.

We Don't Add

  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Peanuts
  • Dairy & Eggs
  • GMOs

Inner J bars have very little sugar, but are packed with protein to keep you going. And we're vegan too! So, feel good about every delicious bite.


Inner J bars are made local and we’re always innovating and coming up with new flavours to delight yours senses. We strive for fresh ingredients, and chocolatey goodness.


We’re really into delivering on our message of health and wellness through 100% natural ingredients.


Packed with high-quality plant protein. We’re proud to be a high protein and fiber bar (with no fillers), and we cater to people with food sensitivities.


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